No More Silly Punctuation Mistakes with Comma Help Engine

Why Would You Need Grammar and Punctuation Help?

Communicating effectively through your writing requires you to follow some very precise rules for both punctuation and grammar. Fail to follow these rules and the reader may easily misinterpret what you have tried to say. Something as simple as a misplaced comma can change the meaning of your writing which is why you may want to use our comma help engine. By using our free grammar and punctuation app you can ensure that your writing will be perfect.

Checking your own writing is far from easy. It is time-consuming and rarely as effective as we would hope it to be. Because of this errors will often slip through or we simply will not have time available to get the checks done. Using our punctuation help online you have access to some of the best proofreading software that you will find anywhere.

Why Technologies Make Our Punctuation Worse

Most people today will do their writing using a computer. It is quick and convenient and you can even submit your homework to your tutor through email. But we also spend a lot of time on our devices chatting and interacting with others. Doing this we make use of slang, emoji and make many shortcuts with our writing. These bad habits tend to slip into our more formal writing.

We also rely too much on our writing software. We expect Word and other word processing software to correct any issues for us. If our writing is not highlighted in red then we assume that there are no issues. Yet the error spotting capabilities of these software packages are far from infallible. They fail to spot words being incorrectly used as well as many punctuation issues that you need to avoid.

If you want the reader to understand the message you are communicating then you must get your punctuation and grammar correct. Using our online punctuation help is the first step in achieving this.

5 Funny Punctuation Mistakes

There are many mistakes that you can make that would be highlighted by our punctuation helper. Often you will need to rewrite sentences or redo your punctuation to avoid the reader misinterpreting what you want to say. Many times poor punctuation can make what you have written quite funny. Such as with the following examples which will need correction with our comma checker tool:

  1. Caution hot children 10 and under need supervision.
  2. Toilet only for disabled elderly pregnant children.
  3. Woman beats off shark.
  4. Let’s eat grandpa
  5. Open Sunday’s

10 Examples of How Punctuation Changes the Meaning

Using a comma checker tool can help you to overcome many issues in your writing and should be used all of the time if you want to communicate well. The following are just a few examples of how the misplacement of commas and other punctuation marks can completely change the meaning of a sentence:

Woman, without her, man is nothing. Woman, without her man, is nothing.
Most of the time travelers worry about their luggage. Most of the time, travelers worry about their luggage.
We will learn to cut and paste kids. We will learn to cut and paste, kids.
Interests include cooking dogs and walking. Interests include cooking, dogs, and walking.
I’m sorry you can’t come with us. I’m sorry, you can’t come with us.
I did it? I did it!
That’s all. I have finished. That’s all I have finished.
Let’s eat grandma. Let’s eat, grandma.
The teacher said, the student is stupid. The teacher, said the student, is stupid.
You will work twenty-four-hour shifts. You will work twenty four-hour shifts.

Why Is Harder to Proofread Manually Than Use a Comma Placer Online?

Using online sentence punctuation help is often more effective than trying to do the checks yourself manually. Especially if you are checking your own work. Most of us find it very difficult to spot any typos and other problems within our own writing. We are simply overly familiar with the writing and fail to see the problems that are obvious to others.

Even if we are not familiar with the text it can still be a difficult task. Most people simply do not have the patience or the concentration required to check the work effectively and will thus miss things. There is also the fact that you may simply not know all of the rules that apply to your writing.

Add this to the fact that checking your writing manually can take a very long time and you can see that for many using proofreading help online free is a much better option.

comma help engine online

How Can Our Comma Help Engine Support You?

Using our comma splice checker free will help you with far more than only your punctuation. The tool is highly flexible and able to help you with checking all forms of documents in any subject or area. It can support you to find and fix errors with all of the following:

  • Grammar: the software reviews your writing and checks for over 400 different rules.
  • Spelling: it uses a highly extended dictionary as well as being able to spot words out of context.
  • Punctuation: from misplaced commas to incorrect semicolons the tool will find it all.
  • Vocabulary: the software will make suggestions where your word choices can be improved.
  • Plagiarism: it highlights any copied text so that you can rewrite.

Always make full use of our comma help engine so that you are assured of writing of the highest standard at all times.